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Learn more about our professional business IT services, including consulting, integration, ongoing maintenance and support. We offer a full range of IT services to suit businesses of any size.

IT strategy and consulting

Auditing of existing systems and development of short and long term IT infrastructure plans.

Business IT audits

Comprehensive audits of your existing IT infrastructure, hardware, and networking systems, looking for potential improvements.

Short and long term IT planning

Based on our comprehensive audits, our team can develop both short and long term IT setup and improvement plans.

General IT consulting

We provide general IT consulting services, allowing us to solve problems quickly and easily, on demand, and when you need us.

Managed IT services

Ongoing protection plans, antivirus, and computer monitoring for your business to give you peace of mind.

System monitoring

Always on monitoring of your technology’s vital statistics, allowing us to identify and diagnose potential problems before they occur.

Backup monitoring

Constant checking of backups to make sure they are happening and information can be restored safely.

Security monitoring

Monitoring of security equipment and software on your network, making sure your infrastructure is always protected.

Software upgrades

Upgrade your operating system and software at regular intervals, giving you security, uninterrupted computing, and peace of mind.

Support and maintenance

When issues do arise, we can work quickly and efficiently to resolve them, allowing you to get back to work faster.

Remote access

Our team can access your systems securely from our offices, meaning we can resolve problems faster compared to onsite visits.


Easily access an expert support consultant anytime you have an IT related question or problem.

Microsoft Office 365

Official partner and reseller, providing a full suite of MS Office 365 services, including business automation.

Microsoft SharePoint

A centralised cloud server allowing you to access all company files, collaborate on projects, and work on tasks together.

Microsoft Office 365 Email

Enterprise level email with calendars, sharing, delegation, and synchronisation between devices.

Microsoft Office Applications

Hosted solutions for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Publisher, and the full suite of MS Office applications.

Spam protection

Configure software to capture and destroy unsolicited email spam before it reaches individual machines.

+ Cloud computing

Hosted email archiving

Storage of historic emails for backup and regulatory purposes and peace of mind.

Hosted security software

Commercial grade security software which can be purchased on a pay per seat per month basis for each employee.

Hosted virtual servers

Virtual private servers can easily be set up for businesses of any size and shape.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Access all your software applications, including CRM, email and collaboration tools via the internet.

Data backup and recovery

Automated offsite backup for Office 365, your computers, and servers with data protection and recovery.

Offsite business backup

Create an automated and secure backup to offsite Australian-based servers.

Near real-time backup

Secure and automated near real-time data back up to the cloud (on Australian servers).

Secure offsite remote storage

Securely transmit your backups to remote servers for protection from local catastrophic disasters.

Data restoration

Restore your data quickly and painlessly from our virtual server, allowing you to get back to work faster.

Managed automated backup

24/7 monitoring of your cloud backups, allowing us to respond quickly in case of any problems or issues.

Data recovery

Recover data from a range of devices, including hard drives, laptops, desktops, servers, RAID, phones, tablets, digital photos, USB / flash drives (including both Apple and Windows based devices). This also includes files, emails, operating systems, and databases.

Internet security

Develop a security strategy to keep you, your employees, and your business protected online.


A hardware based firewall is the first line of defense for your network, which prevents others accessing it.

Malware protection

Protect yourself from viruses, spyware and malware by engaging us to install, configure, manage, and update this software regularly.

Console internet security management

A centralised console where we can manage all of your organisation's internet security from one place.

Content filtering

Block internet site types or the times they can be accessed and apply restrictions to individual staff members.

Internet bandwidth management

Staff profiles can be configured to prevent specific applications (i.e. Spotify or iTunes) being downloaded and individual usage can be tracked.

Servers and networking

Set up and maintenance of all aspects of business networking, including servers and data storage solutions.

Server and networking hardware setup

Comprehensive setup and installation of all your server and networking equipment.

Server configuration

Our team can configure each server to perform optimally, perform backups as required, and install high-grade security.

Network configuration

Optimise your network so all your devices are linked, connected, and synchronised, making access and productivity a breeze.

Maintenance and troubleshooting

Maintenance of your business servers and network, including monitoring for potential issues, and troubleshooting quickly when they arise.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Allow secure access to your computer network from any location.

Managed print services

Set up and maintenance of printer networks and print services for your business.

Printer maintenance

Installation, integration, configuration, servicing, and maintenance of your printers to keep things running smoothly.

Ink and toner

We supply ink and toner for your machines at regular intervals, so you never run out when you need them.

VOIP calling

Save on your phone bills by setting up VOIP technology, allowing you to make voice and video calls easily.

VOIP installation

Build a phone network within your business, so that your staff can stay connected with clients, and each other, from any location.

Video conferencing

Set up video calling on individual machines or in meeting rooms, allowing you to work in a hybrid format.

Integration with Office 365

Integrate your VOIP system with Office 365, allowing you to use it with Microsoft Teams and other software packages.

Domain and website hosting

Register your new domain and host your business website on our fast, secure, and reliable local servers.

Domain registration

Register your domains and subdomains, and renew them quickly and easily to protect your brand and online presence.

Domain Name Server (DNS) hosting

Managed DNS hosting that is separate to your website for improved security.

Website hosting

Fast, local, and optimised website hosting to keep your site running smoothly, with applications such as WordPress, and many others.

Website backup

Automated backups for your website, allowing us to quickly restore everything if problems arise.

Software development

Create, deploy and manage custom software applications and packages unique to your business.

Custom software builds

Custom built software that is unique to your business requirements, allowing you to perform tasks not supported by off the shelf packages, and giving you an edge over your competitors.

Software deployment

Once your software is built and tested, we can deploy it across your existing network, giving you and your staff access, so you can start using it any time.

Software upgrades

Custom software can be upgraded any time with new features, additional functionality, or visual design refreshes. This allows you to evolve your software as your business evolves.

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