IT Hardware

Explore our range of business grade IT hardware including desktops, laptops, networking, servers, and printers that are not only built to last, but are easily upgraded and repaired.

Business computers and laptops

Business and prosumer grade desktops and laptops that are built to last and easily upgraded or repaired.

Desktop and PC computers

We have a full range of quality business grade desktop computers that can be tailored to your specific processing power, storage, and connectivity needs.

Desktop monitors

High resolution, slim, and responsive desktop monitors to fit any space and desk size. Can be set up on individual stands or swivel brackets for comfort and flexibility.

Laptop computers

A range of business laptops with varying features and capabilities to suit your unique needs. Pair with a docking station and monitor for the ultimate portable setup.

Servers and networking equipment

Security routers, firewalls, servers and networking equipment that can be integrated for ongoing connectivity.

Wireless routers

Business WIFI routers are the fast and cost-efficient alternative to fixed wire networks. Easily link all your devices, share files, and get excellent wireless internet access across your entire office space.

Hardware firewalls

Hardware based firewalls offering protection, flexibility and management. Pair this with high-grade data and internet security to protect your business.

Network switches

For seamless and efficient access to the internet, cloud servers, or local systems.

Business servers

When your business expands, a business server can provide secure and centralised access to all your files.

Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices

NAS are onsite external storage devices which provide fast and easy retrieval of company files.

Business printers

Business grade printers that can be set up and maintained easily, with wireless printing functionality.

Business printers

A range of commercial grade printers to suit your unique volume, speed, colour, and budgetary requirements. We install, integrate, and maintain each machine for peace of mind.

Managed print services

A wide range of business grade print and copy stations to suit any business size and budget. Servicing, maintenance and ink / toner plans can also be arranged.

IT hardware repairs and upgrades

All of the IT hardware we provide can easily be repaired and upgraded at any time, for peace of mind.

Hardware repairs

All of our hardware can easily be repaired, both by our expert in-house technicians, and by our suppliers. We can come to you and drop off the machine for convenience.

Hardware upgrades

Upgrade your machine's storage, memory, and other hardware features quickly and easily, to keep up with increasing software demands.

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