How can Information Technology support your business plans for the new financial year?

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It’s yet again the beginning of a new financial year and yes, we agree, it’s come around far too quickly, but we’ve been wondering; have you considered your business plans for the new financial year? Perhaps, you’re planning to increase staff numbers, revamp the layout of your office, upgrade equipment, reduce costs or implement cyber security measures. But have you thought about how Information Technology (IT) can support these plans?

We know only too well that IT plays a crucial role in supporting various aspects of a business. Regardless of the industry, your business will likely need to set up IT systems or services, which can be quite overwhelming for those without a technical background.

So, you have determined your business plans for the financial year; how do you integrate your IT needs?

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In our digital economy, all businesses need computers these days to run, and choosing the right hardware for your business can be half the battle. An IT provider can certainly assist with helping you choose the best products to ensure productivity. Hardware is not just limited to a computer or printer, but also phones, monitors, routers and access points. Maybe you’re finally aiming to set up that video conference room you so desperately need; what hardware items do you need to consider to best suit your requirements? Ensuring that the user experience of your staff is at the forefront of your mind when researching all these items is beneficial also.

The layout of your office can also have an impact on where hardware is placed, which in turn impacts the movement and flow of the space. Consider this as well when it comes to Infrastructure as IT can analyse the space in your office, helping you to understand the IT investment required when optimising office layouts.


Speaking of infrastructure, installation of items such as network access points and setting up computer workstations can be a messy and time-consuming process if you’re not sure what you’re doing. The health and wellbeing of your staff can also come into play here too. The installation of sit/stand desks can assist staff to feel more comfortable, though such desks will require an adjustment in your IT hardware.


What do you need your IT systems to achieve? Are they to manage your finances, customer information, or to communicate with your employees? Some industries have very specific software requirements too, which need to be integrated with either new or current systems. Compatibility between existing and new systems is important to ensure successful integration of new systems into your business.

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The reality right now is that any business, regardless of the size, can be targeted by bad actors. Small businesses tend to be more vulnerable due to limited resources so ensuring you have the appropriate antivirus, firewalls and password protections are key.

Businesses often find it difficult to picture and articulate what their level of Cyber Security actually is and what they want it to be. Choosing a Cyber Security Standard to align with or to be certified against helps to draw that picture, and this is where an IT provider can assist you.

You can read more about aligning your business with a Cyber Security Standard here.

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Perhaps you haven’t previously backed up your data for whatever reason, but with the increasing risk of data being affected or accessed, backup processes when negative events occur, can reduce business disruption. Backing up to the cloud is a good idea, allowing ease of access for all employees, though many businesses see Cloud syncing such as OneDrive or Dropbox as a backup to the cloud. Unfortunately, this is misguided because any accidental modification or deletion of your data on your PCs and phones syncs up to the cloud.

Here at Concord IT, we can assist with backups of your data in the cloud to our office, which reduces the risk of losing data and the risk of backups being tampered with.


Recruiting staff is mostly online now and LinkedIn or other social media channels are utilised more frequently these days. Have you considered taking the leap and joining them as your business? The fact that you can also search for a potential new employee on LinkedIn according to their profile can be an advantage.

Though be aware of the different retention times that these online recruiting systems have. If your accounts are breached, it is possible that all the data of the people who applied for your role will be compromised, and under the Australian Privacy Act you will likely be expected to spend considerable resources contacting all previous applicants to your roles that you were breached.

Online training platforms is another consideration to make, as these can enhance staff development.


Maintenance and Security – facility management software ensures timely maintenance and enhances security. Security systems including entry via app or fob into a building or office can help to ensure the safety and security of your staff and business.

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One thing to remember is that IT isn’t only just about technology – it’s about aligning technology with your business goals. By implementing effective information technology support, you can direct your time and resources towards achieving your goals.

At Concord IT our mission is to assist businesses to gain productivity and efficiency through integrated and harmonious IT systems. We don’t settle for just doing a ‘good job’; we aim to be the best IT service and support provider in Melbourne. Feel free to reach out to us for a free initial consultation and let’s get started on keeping your business IT running smoothly. You can also call us on (03) 7036 2470 or email

We look forward to hearing from you and discussing your future plans!

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