Gmail To Microsoft 365 Migration: Why Your Business Should Make The Switch

Gmail To Microsoft 365 Migration Across Multiple Devices
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Is your business still running on Gmail? Are you getting frustrated with your Gmail, Google Drive, and Microsoft Office apps not talking to each other? You’re not alone. Many businesses are now performing a Gmail to Microsoft 365 migration, allowing them to work seamlessly across email, storage, and office applications.

There are many reasons to migrate from Gmail and Google Workspace to Microsoft’s 365 platform. The most compelling one is that while Gmail and Google Workspace do provide some value, the Microsoft 365 suite offers a best-in-class collection of powerful, familiar programs that can streamline your business processes. But how do you go about migrating your email from Gmail to Outlook, or documents and files from Google Workspace to MS 365? In this guide, we take a look at some of the reasons to migrate, how to start the process, and how a Managed Services Provider can help you make the switch.

Gmail/Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365

Creating your own Gmail account is often a first step, giving business owners a professional email address which is personalised with their business name. Business users will also be familiar with the Google Workspace package, which includes Docs, Sheets, and cloud storage via Google Drive. While it offers some impressive features, Google Workspace does not have seamless connectivity with widely used business software and applications like Windows, Microsoft Office, Outlook etc. This can lead to lost or corrupt files, incompatibility of features, and frustration for business owners.

On the other hand, MS 365 brings together all of Microsoft’s leading software platforms into a single package. This includes market leading solutions like MS Office, Outlook, and SharePoint. This provides some powerful benefits:

  • All your files can be securely stored in Sharepoint Online.
  • Files can be accessed quickly and easily from anywhere using MS Office
  • Outlook email, contacts, calendars and tasks will effortlessly sync between your desktop and mobile, using a single email address.
  • MS 365 also comes with Microsoft Teams, allowing remote and flexible workplace teams to communicate via instant message or videoconferencing, access files, and collaborate more efficiently.
  • Microsoft Teams can also be upgraded to replace your entire Office phone system providing unified communications across all your devices.

In addition, user licenses can easily be added as your business grows in size, with each new employee receiving access to the full suite of features included with MS 365. And for those working on Mac, MS365 can easily be integrated into iOS for seamless productivity.

Gmail To Microsoft 365 Migration Being Completed By Male

How To Start The Gmail To Microsoft 365 Migration Process

While setting up your Gmail or Microsoft 365 account can be easy, most of us have lots of files, documents, and email that we don’t want to lose. This means that migrating is often the best option but can also be time consuming and tricky for business owners who are not technical experts.

Typically, a Google Workspace Gmail to Microsoft 365 migration process involves many steps which include pitfalls for those not familiar with the process.

While Microsoft provides a detailed guide which can be found here, if you are like most business owners this process will be too time-consuming and technical to achieve the best outcome for your business. Projects like these are best outsourced to a Managed Services Provider (MSP) to help you make the switch.

Workers Using Surface To Perform Gmail To Microsoft 365 Migration

Ready To Make the Switch To A Microsoft 365 Business Account?

A Managed Services Provider can make your life easier by completing your migration for you and making sure your MS 365 system runs seamlessly. They can assist in deciding on the best Microsoft 365 plan for your business, migrate your data from Google Workspace, and setting up your users correctly to ensure your operations aren’t interrupted after the migration is completed.

Concord IT is an Official Microsoft Partner and Re-Seller. We can work closely with your business to help you decide which MS 365 plan is best suited to your needs, implement your solution with little or no disruption to your work, and continue to provide support on an ongoing basis or as required.

If you’re ready to get started with MS 365 then contact us today.

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