Business server or cloud solution? How a managed services provider can help you make the right choice.

Server Installation By Managed Services Provider
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Choosing the right solution to store your business’ documents and data can be difficult with so many solutions available on the market.  While traditionally businesses have installed a physical, in-house server there are some great cloud-based solutions out there, like Microsoft 365. So how do you choose the right option for your business?

In this guide we’ll be taking a look at the differences between these two options and how a Managed Services Provider (MSP) can help integrate them into your business.

Business servers vs cloud-based solutions

As your business grows and you take on more staff, you will likely reach a point where you think it’s time to upgrade your business IT solution to store your files and data securely. Traditionally this is where a business server comes in. Having your own in-house server means that you store your data on a physical machine and onsite. This may be useful for businesses that require direct control of their files.

However, there are some drawbacks to installing a business server. Having your data stored on a physical machine and onsite means there is a greater risk of physical damage or theft, remote connections can be tricky, hardware can be expensive, and the server will likely endure some downtime during maintenance.

In contrast, cloud-based solutions like Microsoft 365 provide some distinct advantages over a physical server. Everything is stored securely in state-of-the-art facilities which reduces the risk of physical damage or theft. Your data and files are accessible from anywhere, and on any device, as long as you have a compatible device, an internet connection, and your login details. Everything is securely backed up and there is minimal to no downtime.

Cloud solutions are also completely customisable, allowing you to be flexible in the amount of data, users and software you access via your solution at any time. This is a great option for small to medium-sized business who are growing and would like to be able to adjust the capacity of their technology at any time.

Business Server Cables Installed By Managed Services Provider

How a managed services provider can help you choose the right storage solution for your business

Deciding on a setup that suits your business needs is not easy. But that’s where a managed services provider (MSP) can help.

An MSP can work with you to map out the best IT strategy for your business, ensuring you and your staff have uninterrupted access to your files, while your data stays safe and secure. This can save you time, money, and lots of stress.

If your business requires a dedicated business server then an MSP can assist you in choosing the right system for your business, install it into your existing network and provide maintenance to ensure that your new in-house server is always online and firing.

If you are leaning toward a cloud-based solution instead, an MSP can help set this up as well. Cloud solutions, like Microsoft 365, can be great for businesses looking to be flexible, giving staff access to what they need, at any time, in any place. An MSP can help you to customise the storage you need for your business, deploy apps, set up access on specific machines and devices, and backup your files, all without having to invest in expensive physical servers.

Cloud-based solutions can also be added to at any time, with completely customisable storage limits, user limits, exclusive software technology and the ability for users to access files via a smartphone, tablet or PC. Instead of worrying about keeping up with the latest technology, cloud solutions allow you to adjust what you need at any time, saving you potential headaches in the long run.

Office Computers Setup By Managed Services Provider

Is your business ready to take the next step?

Whether it is a business server, cloud-based solution, or even a hybrid option, the most important thing is that the solution fits the requirements of your business. Having a managed services provider on-hand to help make the decision and implement it for you will save you time and money, avoiding the headaches of setup and ongoing management.

At Concord IT, we help businesses find the right IT solution to suit their needs. If you’re looking to upgrade your IT systems, contact us today and we’ll help your technology reach its full potential.

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